Tracy Windisch is a visionary choreographer, dancer, director and costume designer. She began her passionate career in dance at the age of 5. With a foundation in tap, ballet and jazz, she discovered her love of ethnic dance forms when she turned 13. She began devotedly studying Middle Easter (or Belly) Dance and also Khatak, an Eastern Indian classical dance form. This shifted her style dramatically, and she fell in love with the style, costumes and culture. All this training, combined with 3 years of dancing in the Belly Dance group Joweh with Terri Anne Guiterman, led her to her first independent performance projects. She began choreographing her first solo pieces at 14, and moved onto group choreography at 15.

In addition to taking to the movement style of Middle Eastern Dance, she also derived a great deal of inspiration in the realm of makeup and costuming. This, combined with the underground fire dancing movement, led to the beginnings of her clothing and costume design company Naiad Designs.

At 18 she began teaching belly dance and formed her first performance groupe, Satya Belly Dance, for which she created all original choreography, costumes and makeup design in addition to training all the dancers. Satya Belly Dance went on to become an award winning and widely known belly dance troupe. During her time of teaching and directing Satya Belly Dance, she went on to continue her dance training at the Suhaila Salipour School of Dance. Over the course of a year, she progressed to training level 4, and became a performing member of Suhaila Dance Company for a brief period of time.

At 24 she took up a serious study of Classical Ballet. While she started too late in the game to become a professional ballet dancer, she has developed a strong base knowledge of the dance and now trains at an advanced level. The fusion of classical ballet technique with the precise isolations, locks and body rolls of belly dance is at the core of her original performance and choreography style.

She then went on to form a dance fusion fire and circus arts performance group called Luminesque. This group was large collective of local fire dancers, belly dancers and aerialists. Tracy created fusion choreographies that blended many modalities of dance with the use of traditional fire tools such as fans, staffs, poi, hand canles, fingers, swords and some unique tools created by and for the group. Luminesque went on to become the resident fire troupe of Mystic Beat Lounge and Techno Tribal Dance in 2006. They have since run 5 seasons of professional quality visionary performance art.

In 2011, Tracy joined forces with Cassandra Davis, Co-Director of Liquid Fire Mantra, to form a new cutting edge performance group called Seraphim. Tracy’s role in Seraphim is choreographer, costume designer and dance director. To read more about this project, click on the Seraphim tab on my homepage. This is her current project, and it is about to launch it’s first tour…. Stay tuned….

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