Naiad Designs

Naiad Designs is my outlet for art you can wear. My original inspiration came from the underground dance and counter culture movement as well as a desire to bring fantasy and extraordinary beauty to the physical world. I taught myself how to sew when I was 17 and it’s taken off from there. Most of my current work is a blend of vintage style and futuristic fantasy wear. My style is always changing with my inspiration.

Most of my work revolves around my dance productions. The Seraphim theme, genre and story line are chiefly responsible for the direction of many of my costume designs. I have been designing performance wear for many years and always consider it to be the completion of a full show. The costuming seals the visual imagery to create a picture of beauty that moves and inspires those who take it in.

My available line is a series of stylish street wear that moves with you. It’s comfortable and danceable as well as being elegant and classy. I think of it as clothes to live your life in, looking good off the stage.

I also create one of a kind costume/outfits for individual people who want to wear a piece of custom art. I have many of these outfits in my personal collection and many of them are viewable in my gallery.


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