Seraphim Music & Dance Theatre

Seraphim Music & Dance Theatre

Seraphim Music and Dance Theatre: Seraphim is an emerging artistic, collaborative blend of dance, music, story telling, and lighting art. Expertly choreographed and exquisitely costumed, Seraphim takes you on a complex journey of beauty, passion and awakening.

Professional, tight and multifaceted dance choreography ┬áby Co-Director Tracy Windisch ( director of Luminesque Fire Troupe and Sattya Belly Dance). Story telling and theatrics woven by Co-Director Cassandra Davis ( Co-Director of Liquid Fire Mantra). Hauntingly beautiful music by composer David Block of The Human Experience with powerful vocals by the gorgeous Amae Love. Next level projections and lighting effects by Boris Karpman. Costume Design by Tracy Windisch/Naiad Designs. Breathtaking solos by “Ka” Kathryn June of Serpent Feathers, Marlow Basset of Metamorphosis Ballet and Tritan St. Germain of Visionary Alliance. Aerial performances by Amanda Grace and Alera.

Movement modalities include Ballet, Belly Dancing, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, and Martial Arts fused seamlessly together to create a truly one of a kind style. Object manipulation including fire fans, staffs, poi, bowls, swords, fingers, and candles, with japanese fans, silks and light props add a complex dimension to the experience.

Our music is a completely unique exquisite blend of classical piano, acoustic guitar, powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics and electronic beats.

The visual projections and lighting effects combine with the dance to tell our story and give the audience an amazing 3D experience.

Our costuming is thoughtful, artful and skillfully tailored to the theatrical story we are telling through our movements. All costumes are hand made, completely original, designed by Tracy and constructed by ourselves and our close friends. Serpent Feather costumes are all unique and hand made by Ka.

Seraphim is a full experience. Delighting all the senses. Inspiring and teaching through our desire to express our art and our beauty.

Developed by Jovan Thunder Design